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We are a family business, based in Northamptonshire, selling direct to farm across the UK.

Established in 1998, we have a proven history of excellent after-sales care and honouring warranties.

Our regionally-based sales people have all managed dairy herds and will give you good, practical advice.

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 Rubber Cow Matting from Animat

High Quality at a Competitive Price

Animat interlock rubber cow mats makes hard, slippery concrete floors safe, comfortable and hygienic.  Ideal for feed passages, cubicle alleys, walkways and milking parlours. 

Animat rubber mats on rotary parlour 

Available from stock in standard sizes or custom made for slats and rotary parlours.

Feed Passage and Walkways

Unlike most other rubber cow mats on the market, it is designed to be driven over by scrapers, tractors and feeder wagons and comes with a seven year warranty.

Milking Parlours and Robots

Our interlocking mats, bevelled edges and customised cutting options mean we can install a tidy, hygienic surface in all types of parlour, new and old.

Produced in Canada from 100% recycled rubber, it is used by dairy farmers worldwide.

Why Use Animat Rubber Matting?

Increase Cow Profitability

AHDB - Dairy recently estimated that lameness costs the average dairy herd over 1p per litre of milk produced, so rubber matting can improve both animal welfare and profitability.

Better Comfort and Safety

The rubber cow mats absorb shock and the textured surface is non-slip even when wet. Cows:

Better Hygiene

The 100% recycled rubber cow mats are:

Better Heat Detection

The natural feel and security of the rubber cow matting promotes the natural behaviour of a cow in heat making it easier to identify the insemination period.

Durable, Adaptable and Easy to Fit

rubber cow mats unique scraper profileThe rubber flooring is suitable for cubicle alleys, parlours, walkways and cow holding areas.  It has:

The rubber cow matting is 19mm thick and can be driven over by tractors and feeder wagons without causing damage.  It is available:

The rubber cow matting was tested by the German Agricultural Society DLG in August 2010.  Their report is available here.


We have teams of fitters working across the UK who will fit the mats for you, or we can deliver it direct to your farm for you to fit yourself.

Customer Testimonials

We put Animat rubber mats in the feed passageway of our new shed and in the exit to the milking parlour. They are brilliant – I wish we could afford to mat it all!”

John Harrison, Crossrigg Pedigree Holsteins, Cumbria.
We recently put Animat rubber flooring in our rapid exit milking parlour. The surface is secure and non-slip, the cows stand comfortably and move quickly and safely through the parlour.

The fitting was a very tidy job, and Intershape was flexible in arranging the work around my building schedule.

I am extremely pleased with both the product and the service Intershape provided.”

Neil Evans, Holebrook Farm, Shropshire.
We installed [Animat] rubber matting in the parlour, the collecting yard and at feed faces about 6 years ago.
You can see a real difference compared with concrete - the cows have much more confidence on it. They head straight for the rubber matting rather than walking on the concrete.”

Claire and David Webb, Tockenham, Wiltshire.

Rubber Mat Gallery

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